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Dreams Trapped in a Bottle

An Olfactory Journey Into the Heart of the Mediterranean

Each scent tells a story. Whoever comes to our island, becomes the protagonist of an endless experience.

Here, right where the essence of dew and dawn caresses the small myrtle berries, which emanate their scent and refresh the citrus fruits awaiting for the sun, the wind of the hot summer mornings brings with it the fragrances of the Mediterranean maquis, releasing that rare charm.

Here, the warm sun darkens the arbutus, and the sweet wind emanates a fragrance of vine and freshness, which bring to mind those childhood immortal flavours and scents. Amidst the wisdom of the centenarians and the strength of the giants, resound stories told through ancient instruments and the fragrance of immutable nature.

Here, intense and elegant atmospheres live, wrapped in the deep blue sea and warmed up by the red sunset, during those evenings that wear the mystery and the character of this sensual, strong land.

Thus, among ancient perfumes and wild essences, this island becomes a part of every traveller who lives it and discovers the secret of its unmistakable Mediterranean fragrance. As a journey on dirt roads, signs, scents and realities indelibly mark the existence of those who encounter them.

For this reason, we want to make you come back here, every day, with the perfumes Acqua di Sardegna and the home fragrances of Aria di Sardinia, awakening indelible memories through those scents that will stay with you. Unique moments to be worn on your skin and in your home.

Discovery Kit

Travel with us to discover the Sardinia's souls

Discovery kit - Ph: Fabio Deledda
Discovery kit - Ph: Fabio Deledda

This is a land from a thousand faces, all to be discovered. For ten years, Acqua di Sardegna has collected all the emotions of the island, turning them into scents.
To retrace all the stages of this story, it's now available the Discovery Kit with 10 fragrances of our collection.

From the fresh spring atmospheres of the Classic Collection up to the cheerful notes of a summer by the sea, which is typical of Nòis and Smeralda up to the refined atmospheres of Scalo Porto Cervo, not to mention Maijda, with its strong character just as strong as the Sardinians', and Desvélos, portrait of ancient and mysterious lands.

Every fragrance is a journey.

Let your journey begin

Even the sun has its scent