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PRODUCT CODE: 8033717902000 WEIGHT: 330gr

Natural Sardinia comes in nine unique essences designed to perfume your environment and spread suggestive notes of Sardinia. Fragrances made with natural essential oils in a charming diffuser with sticks, perfect for an original and heartfelt gift. Natural Sardinia was born here, in this land of proud, dynamic and lively people. It was from this dynamism that Mauro Aprea drew inspiration to create these three brands. The idea was born from all that Sardinia can give: crystalline sea, sun, summer evenings, but above all those unmistakable perfumes and fragrances. It is an elegant idea to get in touch so deeply and intimately with the reality of this fascinating island. All our products are distributed in an elegant packaging. Home fragrances are varied and remind of Sardinia: Helichrysum, Sea Dew, Sweet Orange, Myrtle Blossom, Pink Peony, Wild Orchid, Petal of Almond, Oak Moss and Gorse. Natural Sardinia offers a variety of products and essences in an elegantly shaped glass jar featuring a light wood top and fragrance sticks that can be interchanged.


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