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PRODUCT CODE: 8052744155104 WEIGHT: 300gr

A silky formula that uses the beneficial properties of Jojoba oil and Helichrysum extract to turn a shower into a moment of pure pleasure. It keeps the skin smooth and elastic, protecting it from dehydration.

Infused with the floral sensuality of Smeralda Woman, a fragrant celebration of a Sardinian woman, beautiful and veiled by a trace of mystery, who walks in a generous earthly paradise.

Suitable for all skin types with a wise balancing of two surfactants widely used in cosmetics to have a soft foam and an optimal cleaning power.

The sun has its scent. A nymph that comes out of the emerald waters to go and adorn herself with flowers. This is what this perfume is, which first awakens the drowsy senses with clear notes of citrus fruits and violet leaves and then envelops the beauty of the one who wears it with precious gems called mimosa, jasmine and almond.

This sensual and exciting fragrance is enclosed, but not hidden, by the bottle of a clear and bright green like the sea of ??a small cove.

Wrap your skin and your senses in this sensual and perfumed body lotion with the soft and exciting Smeralda fragrance.
Its silky formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil and Helichrysum extract, moisturizes and soothes the skin at a deeper level, leaving a beautiful satin effect.
Pleasant to apply, dries quickly and leaves no greasy sensations.

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